SwimGuide 2020

The cool, crisp water of Little River is calling to locals and visitors alike, as summer quickly approaches. This pristine resource is a fascinating and unique experience in our little northeast corner of Alabama. Because of the geologic makeup of Lookout Mountain, water perches on a layer of shale, creating incredible rock bottom pools that are deep and cold.

In 2014, Travel and Leisure magazine listed Little River #1 out of 20 swimming holes in the nation. Since then, Eco-Tourism has exploded and is the #1 industry in DeKalb County, making Little River the lifeblood of our community.

With the swim season upon us, Little River Waterkeeper will keep you up-to-date on weekly water quality results. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, we will run tests from samples taken on Little River from your favorite swimming holes.

Each Friday, we will post test results by the end of business for: E Coli, Total Coli form, Temperature, pH, Dissolved Oxygen, Total Dissolved Solids, Conductivity and Nitrates to determine if the site meets state water quality standards.

Test Sites and easy to read results are below!

2020 Test Sites:

DeSoto Falls, West Fork Little River
Lake Lahusage, Middle Fork
Lake Lahusage, East Fork
Indian Falls, West Fork /DeSoto State Park
Blue Hole, Little River
Little Falls, Little River (Martha’s Falls or Hippy Hole)
Little River Canyon Mouth Park (once reopened)


The site does not meet state water quality standards. E-Coli standard - 235cfu/100mL.


The site meets state water quality standards but has moderate amount of E-Coli

Swim On!

The site has little or no E-Coli present

Middle Fork - Little River 8/6/2020 34.5 686.7 80.8F 7.4 96.00% 30.7ppt 445mS 9ppm
East Fork - Little River 8/6/2020 5.2 14.13 80.2F 8.03 97% 24.3ppt 42.9mS 11ppm
Desoto Falls - West Fork, LR 8/6/2020 4.1 1986.3 82.4F 7.77 94.00% 43.8ppt 61.9mS 10ppm
Indian Falls/Desoto State Park - West Fork 8/6/2020 161.6 1299.7 83.5F 8.47 98% 35.7ppt 58.3mS 10ppm
Blue Hole Little River 8/6/2020 20.1 >2419.6 82F 8.46 93.00% 22.9ppt 31.8mS 10ppm
Little Falls (Martha's Falls) 8/6/2020 112.2 1986.3 82.6F 9.01 97.00% 87.1ppt 133.5mS 15ppm
Canyon Mouth Park 8/6/2020 1 >2419.6 85.3F 8.07 98.00% 66.8ppt 94.8mS 9ppm