Little River is a fascinating and unique experience in our little northeast corner of Alabama. Lookout Mountain has the geologic makeup of sandstone, limestone and a layer of shale that creates incredible rock bottom pools that are deep and cold.

Little River definitely has the best kayaking and skinny water fishing around but mostly, there are swimming holes! Places that only locals know about, summer camp waterfronts that host thousands of youth and nationally acclaimed spots dotted about this plateau mountain!

Clean water is essential for these activities and Little River WATERKEEPER has SwimGuide to keep you up on the latest water quality results. The summer program monitors the water quality at popular swimming holes and on major tributaries throughout Little River every week, from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Test results are posted here each Friday and on theSwimGuide.org


We will begin posting Water Quality results for **SwimGuide 2023 on May 26, 2023

2023 Test Sites

Swimming Holes: Taylor's Ford, DeSoto Falls, West Fork Indian Falls (DSP), East Fork @ Lake Lahusage, Middle Fork @ Lake Lahusage and Lahusage Dam, Blue Hole, Martha's Falls, Little River Canyon Mouth Park.

Tributaries: Yellow Creek and Johnnies Creek