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Little River Waterkeeper participates in Swim Guide. We monitor popular swimming spots on Little River and post our results weekly on this website and our swim guide site.


Bill Shugart
Water Testing on Little River

Water Samples Taken June 12th, 2019

Little River Waterkeeper tests specific points on the river to determine the quality of the water. We test, then report results here. *N/D = No data. ADEM Do Not Swim e-coli number is 235
LocationSample TimeWater Temp
pH (Potential Hydrogen)
Total Dissolved Solids
(MPN 100/ml)
NO3 - Nitrate
DeSoto Falls10:01a74.8℉ 7.7929.954.37.59
Mentone Bridge10:29a75.0℉ 7.6518.926.739.110
Taylor's Ford10:47a75.2℉7.5038.754.27.210
Middle Fork of Lake Lahusage11:11a78.67.075.0103.97.212
East Fork of Lake Lahusage11:25a76.3℉7.3636.050.8
DSP Indian Falls11:58a76.1℉7.6323.748.2<17
Blue Hole12:21p76.8℉7.7043.261.6<17
Little Falls (Hippie Hole)12:43p77.7℉7.7423.251.912.48
Canyon Mouth Park1.16p77.2℉7.2736.752.23.08
Johnnie's Creek1:36p76.1℉7.7032.645.44.09

DISCLAIMER: The information contained on this website is for informational purposes only. All sites monitored are natural waterbodies and contaminants are present from a wide variety of sources! Local conditions fluctuate, sometimes dramatically, and especially after rainfall events. The results displayed above are representative of the time, date and location at which the sample was taken and do not represent the water quality between sampling events or at other locations nearby on the river. Users of this data should not assume that a “low” E. coli level means that it is necessarily safe or risk-free to make contact with the water. E. coli is not the only contaminant of concern for recreational users and is used merely as an indicator of potential fecal contamination. Little River Waterkeeper, their employees, and agents can provide no guaranty of water safety and, as such, the user assumes all risks associated with the use of this data and swimming in the Little River and its tributaries. SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK!

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