Becoming a member of Little River Waterkeeper comes with a number of benefits, such as the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping protect our clean water future. But it’s also more than a typical membership. We rely on our members to protect our ability to protect your right to clean water. Our members and their love of Little River, help us advocate for drinkable, swimmable, and fishable waters.



Swim Club 

Little River Swim Club is a way where your donation makes a direct impact during our summer SwimGuide program. Make a donation of $10 you pay for one water sample for Little River Waterkeeper's® Swim Guide program. We test water weekly and share those results by Friday, in time for the weekend. That way, members of your community can get the skinny before they dip. Little River Waterkeeper® tests the most popular swimming spots on Little River. To join, click the donate button below and choose the Swim Guide option.


Little River Waterkeeper® spends countless hours working on issues that matter to you and a community who rely on clean water in Little River for fishing, swimming and boating. Through media and events, our staff educates citizens about water pollution, conservation, and responsible water recreation, to ensure its clean water designation of an Outstanding National Resource Water. Your contribution allows us to carry out this important work.

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We recruit volunteers for litter cleanups throughout the year and other programs like our annual drinking water festival and educational outreach events. Contact Angie Shugart by email or follow our Events on Facebook.