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“We must begin thinking like a river if we are to leave a legacy of beauty and life for future generations.” David Brower


Wild & Scenic

Little River is unique. Little River is special. Little River in its entirety, is worth protecting. This time last year, we were creating a documentary with a group of extraordinary filmmakers about Little River to raise awareness about a campaign that will preserve the Little River corridor for future generations. The film is called, Something About Little River. While filming, we talked about the economic benefit that Little River brings to the community, the flora and fauna that can’t be found anywhere else, the history, and that feeling you get when you enter the imaginary gates of Lookout Mountain. The takeaway was not only a beautiful film full of heartwarming stories about the lifeblood of our community but a call to action. Keep Little River Wild is the campaign to designate Little River as a National Wild & Scenic River. The rivers that are nominated for this designation must possess one of the Outstandingly Remarkable Values; Scenic, Recreational, Historical, Cultural, Fish and Wildlife and Geologic. Little River has them all! Since August 2019, we have gauged public interest and the results are resounding, YES, protect Little River! The next step is to gather a river coordinating committee to create a river corridor management plan. The committee will consist of public land managers, government agencies, community leaders and river stakeholders. Once the plan is created, we will draft legislation to fund and implement the plan. The benefits are included in the diagram below. I ask you to consider supporting this campaign, as it takes a lot of research and time and boots on the ground to be successful.



Little River Waterkeeper will keep you up-to-date on weekly water quality results. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, we will run tests from samples taken on Little River from your favorite swimming holes. Each Friday, we will post test results by the end of business for: E Coli, Total Coliform, Temperature, pH, Dissolved Oxygen, Total Dissolved Solids, Conductivity and Nitrates to determine if the site meets state water quality standards. Results can be found on our website at littleriverwaterkeeper.org/swimguide and theswimguide.org/affiliates/LittleRiverWaterkeeper

SWIMCLUB – Sponsor a weekly water sample for only $10 by becoming a member of Swim Club! Your financial support helps us monitor Little River! By joining Swim Club, each $10 donation funds one test site. You may choose to make a one-time or recurring donation. Your generous gift will be highlighted on our social media pages with a picture of the sponsored water sample. Just go to our website and click on SwimClub in the “Get Involved” page.


River Safety
Little River is great fun but can be very dangerous. Each year, we lose lives in Little River because of drownings. This can be avoided by following simple guidelines.

Avoid strong currents! Little River is full of undertows – The river can fluctuate fast after a rain event. You can check the river flow on a river app such as Flow Alert. The gauge at Blue Hole/Little River is the most accurate and measures flow at cubic feet per second. If the water is flowing more than 500 cfs, take caution and wear a life jacket! Once the river is at 800 and up, do not swim.

Do not drink alcoholic beverages – Unfortunately, most drownings occur when a swimmer is under the influence of alcohol.

Stay Hydrated – Dehydration leads to accidents. Choose water or sport drinks. Avoid alcohol, sodas and energy drinks.

River Etiquette

Leave No Trace – Take pictures, leave only footprints is a saying that is simple and easy to remember.  

Do Not Litter – Take pride in the natural beauty and pack out everything you bring in. Scan the area and make sure you leave nothing behind. Leave the river better than you found it.

Private Property – Respect landowners in the river corridor and do not exit your boat onto private property unless there is an emergency.


**Little River Waterkeeper is a 501c3 water advocacy program and a member of the international Waterkeepers Alliance. All donations are tax deductible. Visit our site at  https://littleriverwaterkeeper.org and learn more about us. To report pollution call (256) 634-8370

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