River Voice – December/January

River Voice – December/January

“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.” John Steinbeck

As I write this monthly update, I am reminded of so many great moments of 2019 and anticipate the new year to be full of exciting opportunities. Little River Waterkeeper spent the year working on issues that matter to you and a community who rely on clean water in Little River for fishing, swimming and boating. Through media and events, our staff educated citizens about water pollution, conservation, and responsible water recreation, to ensure its clean water designation of an Outstanding National Resource Water.

Here are some highlights from 2019!

Little River Cleanups – 100 bags of litter removed from the Little River Canyon National Preserve and over 100 additional bags were collected in other local waterways.
SwimGuide – 176 water samples were taken over 16 weeks in 11 popular swimming holes on Little River. Over 15,000 people visited the Little River Waterkeeper website to view results.
Guided Eco-Tourism – We shared the best parts of Little River with hundreds of local youth and visitors from around the region.
Dekalb County Drinking Water Festival – We conducted the 8th annual field trip for over 1000, 4th grade students and their teachers in Dekalb County schools. In order to teach environmental literacy, the event is completely free for schools. Students learn about the water cycle, recycling and Alabama wildlife and plants through fun interactive presentations.
Keep Little River Wild – A campaign in partnership with the Alabama Rivers Alliance to designate Little River in its entirety as a National Wild and Scenic River.
We were given the opportunity to share our story in the Southern Exposure documentary, “Something About Little River”. The short film just received an award for the “best nature documentary”, at the Georgia Documentary Film Festival.

As Little River Waterkeeper moves into 2020, funding is vital to the programs that protect Little River. Each November and December, we solicit funds from donors to cover program expenses throughout the next fiscal year. Our fundraising goal for 2020 is $50,000.00. This amount will come mostly from grants however, we depend on public support just as much. When you become a member or attend our events, you are supporting our work. When you volunteer your time at a river cleanup or help us take water samples, we know you care about the health of Little River. We are committed to keeping Little River pristine and healthy now and for future generations. I hope you will continue to support our efforts in the new year!

2020 Little River Cleanups
MLK/National Day of Service – Saturday January 18, 2020
Love Little River – Saturday February 15, 2020
March River Madness – Saturday March 21
April Earth Month – Saturday April 18, 2020

Little River Waterkeeper Bill Shugart and Wife/Executive Director Angie with their dog, Rusty. Photo Credit: Kevin Garrett Photography

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